Saturday, June 4, 2016

Health O’Clock: ep. 8- The Single Payer System

We explore a “what-if” scenario where a single payer health care system is adopted in the US. How does it affect the health industry, doctors, and you?

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  1. Great discussion. Lots of points to consider.

    I'd add that I would expect to see some of those existing health care companies to actually start that premium health care option you referred to. I know you weren't going in crazy depth but I got the impression you hadn't considered it.

    There would be a lot of economic movements going on at once, which is partially why I prefer a well-designed system vs simply advocating for single payer. I honestly don't know all of the details of the bill that might be proposed, but I do know there would need to be compromise.

    People who hate their health insurance company would have to find compromise with the humans working in those industries. People who currently make tons of money will have to compromise with those who have none. It seems really daunting, but I do think over a longer time horizon little bits of better will surface.

    I don't expect radical shifts, or even welcome them. I just think if we deliberately lay bricks every day for awhile we may step back one day and see a large house where more people can find shelter from the storm.